for the taking"

is for everyone"

are unique here!"

"„A soul’s smile filled
with Love to the brim…

"A day with Love
is the best day"

About us

We are people for whom their own and other people’s good is dear. We would like to share what’s important to us. We would like to share what’s best and the most beautiful. Our mission is to create a cosy place, full of kindness, understanding and support…


Our Team

Justyna Sudzik

Foundation President.

In her private life a mother of three sons. A Polish language teacher, common room tutor, tour guide, summer and winter camp manager, coach, Positive Discipline educator. The originator and teacher in „Young Artist’s Club”. A volunteer in Gdynia hospice and in SHAPE American Elementary School in Belgium.

I give my heart to what I’m doing at the moment. I like to create. I like art. I share everything I am able to do with others, especially with children. I admire each creation of our hands.

I love Life! I have a passion for it. I am constantly fascinated by the world, near and far, ordinary and exotic. I like to explore places, keep a gesture or eye gleam in my memory. I take delight in sea breeze and swoosh, forest scent, birds’ singing fresh mountain air, sauna heat.

I am a kind, open person, full of inner joy. A human being and a direct talk is important for me.

Favourites: Janusz Korczak, Ernest Hemingway, Jan Twardowski, Helena Poświatowska, Michał Anioł, August Rodin.

My motto: „To be as good as bread” by Saint Brother Albert Chmielowski



Dagmara Hawrot

Board Member..

In her private life a mother of a student and secondary school pupil. A born teacher, devoted to younger children. Elementary school teacher. She taught English and ethics. An artistic and music club guardian of long standing.

I like to organize the fine arts for children and observe their amazing joy during the creation process when they use their imagination. I am fascinated by children’s logic – pure, simple, confident and cheerful.

I enjoy meeting my friends, who I’ve known since my childhood. In my free time I read books. I constantly listen to music. I bake English style cakes. I am an optimist and enlightened woman who loves people.

My motto: "Smile at the world and it shall smile down on you".




Adriana Grono

Team member.

In her private life a wife and mother of two daughters and grandmother of two grandchildren. Maths teacher with an artistic soul.

I am dutiful, I always have time for talking to another human being. I find in each human being the meaning of my existence. I explore new places of the world with a passion. I love gifts of nature and I am very grateful for them.

I cannot exist without music, especially music originating from Capo Verde. Whenever I hear Frank Sinatra’s standards, I feel warmth of my family home full of love and understanding. I draw my strength to serve others from my home and music.

My motto: „If you are unable to do great things, do small ones with a great heart.” Sister Estera



Róża Ptaszyńska

Board Member.

A paramedic, massage therapist and elderly carer.

I like to meet new people. I like to feel needed. I am full of empathy. I easily establish contacts with other people.

I draw my energy to act and live from helping others.

In my free time I meet my friends. I enjoy walking at the seaside. I like beaches. I have got a cat. I am pleased with my medals for sport accomplishments – swimming and volleyball.

In my life I follow the principle: „Forgive everything. Don’t nurse a grudge. Always offer your hand in reconciliation first.”

My motto are words of Horatius: „Carpe diem.” („Seize the day”).



Jakub Sudzik

Team member.

A student of a Business Administration program at KU Leuven Faculty of Economics and Business in Brussels, Belgium. 

I enjoy meeting and talking to people very much. Travelling on different continents and learning new cultures is my passion, it opens my eyes and influences my world cognition. I am kind and have sympathetic attitude towards life.

My motto: „True love is inexhaustible. The more you give, the more you have.” By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry




Statute of the Foundation

The statute of our foundation can be downloaded below ...



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phone: +48 885 280 333

email: fundacja@przytulny-domek.pl